Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paging Dr. Freud...Paging Dr. Freud

Here, for Silentsparrow Episode 5, is a shot I took last month, shortly before the legendary Graphics Card Crash of Aught-Ten.

Featured are pieces from the Lucky Bird gifts that preceded the current one. The skirt and bustier are from the "(Rose) Twittery Bird Lucky Chair Suite." The Kurai short jacket was part of the "(Pigeony Rose) Twittery Bird Lucky Chair Set."

The little voice that usually whispers "Ease up on that Photoshop, lassie" was evidently out having a smoke when I worked on this one. Because I kept throwing effect atop effect. The background of the original shot was quite light, but repeated passes of the burn tool made it all darker, darker, darker...trying obscure the face - everything really - except for the clothing.

Now one might say that this was a manifestation of some sort of inner turmoil I was going through at the time. A need to hide...or to be hidden.

But maybe I just didn't like the expression on my av. Sometimes a shadow is just a shadow.

Bonus Grim Bros mention -- the "Silly belle panda" tophat was circa-Valentine's Day (look closely and you'll see the heart of candy on the brim) from Grim's Gifting Gorilla.
Hair is Calico Ingmann Creation's (great-to-wear-with-hats) "Jill."

Monday, March 22, 2010

When Good Graphics Cards Go Bad (Silentsparrow, Episode 4)

What is the lifespan of a high-end graphics card? Evidently (when factoring in a decent amount of dust and the fuzz of 3 cats) it's about 18 months. It's never a good sign when you open up your CPU and find fan dust-bunnies.

All to say that there was a bit of a damper put on my SL excursions for the past few weeks while waiting for a replacement part for my P.C.

Thankfully, the Little Laptop That Could kept me from total virtual withdrawal...I mean, there were gears to be hunted!...and now the big boy is back up and running with a lovely new, even higher-end, graphics card.

Now, to the point (let's pretend there is one, at least.)

My featured frock is part of a fun new set -- the silentsparrow Sanguine Lucky Bird Set. One of those Group Only Lucky Chair-ish things. Except it's a bird. But you knew that.

There is a group join fee, but sooo many gifts that it's negligible. Hya also gives the option to purchase this set(and previous Lucky Bird gifts)for a bargain price.

Wait! This post is starting to sound vaguely informative. Time to cut to the photos.

There are more pieces than shown here -- a short flippy red/white striped skirt is included in the set, as well as a cropped henley shirt with some very nice button detailing.

In these shots I'm wearing silentsparrow's Gloomy Corset/shrug for the shirt layer instead of the henley. (Full styling credits on flickr)

Photos taken in the New Babbage library (Babbage Canals sim.) There's a "Mother's of Invention" exhibit on the Second Floor, as partially seen below.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sporadically Yours (silentsparrow, episode 3)

The third installment of my silentsparrow project; at this rate it may be a lifelong project.

Today, it's the (candy) maida suite. This is sort of the half-dressed version, as the outfit also comes with bloomers and a shrug. The stocking and gloves are from the Ritual set.

The half-skirt always reminds me of a can-can dress...not that I ever dance the can-can, but it's nice to know I could.

In a project that's putting my lazy blogging to shame, I see that Nivaya Barbosa is blogging a different silentsparrow outfit every day this month. And doing a marvelous job. I think that's my cue to take the rest of the week off.

See you in March!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The silentsparrow project, episode 2: Toxine

Featured below is my silentsparrow outfit #2: the toxine suit in "snowy" -- a group gift from quite a ways back.

A few days ago, I bought the cocoa version -- which is brown with (I think) light aqua accents. "I think," because I accidently deleted it before I even tried it on.

The first and last time (hopefully) for that mistake. There are plenty of other mistakes I've yet to make, so why repeat?

The thing I like the most about toxine is, not surprisingly, the cog print. The shading keeps it from screaming "Look at my gears!" Although I'm sure the wearer is free to do that on their own, if they so desire.

Me, I'm just quietly stewing about deleting my other suit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing suits me quite like silentsparrow

This blog is a haphazard thing, not unlike the way I spend my time in-world. But the one constant, for these nearly three years since Cyn Peccable came to be, has been silentsparrow.

If you happen to see me as I dart furtively from place to place, it's likely I will be wearing at least one piece of silentsparrow clothing. I discovered the store when still a relative newbie, and I was hooked.

In an inventory that's fairly exploding with lovely clothing from many different designers, it's still the rich textures and the somewhat twisted Victorian aesthetic of hyasynth tiramisu's creations that I find myself reaching for (well, clicking on) day after day.

I've long intended to do a little photographic series to see how many silentsparrow outfits I could put together without duplication. With my collection just expanded by a recent sale, I do believe the time is now. Although, if mixing different outfits is allowed, the combinations might just be limitless.

So without further ado...silentsparrow No.1: the Valerian Suit

For styling details, please see http://www.flickr.com/photos/cynpeccable/4346716842/

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wares for Sale

It's fairly amazing to me that I didn't even try my hand at creating anything for the first two years of my rezzed existence. I mean, isn't the ability to make your imaginings become reality the point of Second Life?

After materializing in April 2007, there was an immediate desire to make my own clothing. But without Photoshop (at the time) it seemed pointless to even try. (I recall desperately wanting a vest to pair with my free-in-Caledon Victorian Day Dresss, eventually having to resort to ripping the sleeves off with my teeth...er...making the sleeves of a shirt invisible with sliders.) Then I discovered silentsparrow...and I'm smart enough to realize when somebody else can do something better than I would ever be able to.

So it wasn't until I rented a room at the Hotel Excelsior in Babbage Square (with its 50 prim limit)about six months ago that creative inspiration struck (or at least tapped politely on my door.) There are so many beautiful and interesting decor objects in SL, but they just wouldn't work with my prim count limitations. There seemed to be a need to create some simple one prim decor, with interesting textures that would fit my steampunk/Victorian needs.

And so I did.

Anyway, consider the preceeding as introduction (or excuse) for the hawking of my modest, yet suitable for steampunk decor, items currently (nay, TEMPORARILY) on sale on XStreet.

Indeed, there are only four. I never claimed to be prolific.

But I'm fairly proud of the textures I created. I'd like to believe, at least, that a buyer is getting their linden's worth.

For the past few months, I've had two items listed with, truthfully, only a handful of sales. As one is priced at only 48L and the other at 74L, this is obviously not a True Business Endeavour.

But the XStreet sales covered my upload fees for the textures. And eventually accumulated enough $ to pay for a week of my rowhouse rental -- which is basically a minuscule amount, but it's something.

Obviously, it makes no sense for me to continue listing once XStreet starts charging a monthly fee. But, in typical nonsensical manner, I put two more items up yesterday. Figuring maybe I can get one or two more sales in before fees are imposed.

I know I am an aberration as a merchant (if I can even be called that.) No great void will be left in the virtual universe when my listings are pulled. I have no desire to open an in-world shop or cultivate a business. I simply wanted to share the things I made, thinking maybe someone else trying to decorate on limited prims might find them affordably useful.

I will end by referring all to the blog of one Ordinal Malaprop, who presents an analysis of the XStreet situation...an analysis I wholeheartedly agree with, and therefore declare brilliant.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Maybe it's just my contrary nature (and a general avoidance of doing anything that involves crowds) but it would take several herds of wild horses to get me to leave my rl house on what is "traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year."

Instead, it seemed a perfect day to shop inworld, as opposed to in mall. (Oh, and online too...but I've got no pictures of that :P)

Picked up silentsparrow's Lysander for both myself and the gentleman who calls himself my brother. I think the pose below (old giftie from Long Awkward Pose) ends up giving us some sort of steampunk variation of "I'm With Stupid"

The outfit includes varies shirt/vest configurations, pants in two colors, as well as some fantastic goggles and wings.

This background (including frame) are by *StAr PoSeS* -- from a while back, so no idea if it's currently available. I'm working my way through my inventory, one object at a time, and finding fun little things like that along the way.

Aren't these Lysander wings fantastical?!

The back of the silentsparrow Gloomy corset and shrug is equally intriguing. I'm a huge fan of the curlique, and so this was irrestible. Next shopping excursion will include the Gloomy skirts, but for now I paired the top with the pants from the silentsparrow Valerian suit.

Last, but not least, the bargain of the day (well, all were bargains since I used a gift certificate, but anyway...) was today's 50L Friday special at silentsparrow -- the Some Place to Be Flying Necklace (in raven.) I think this is a One Day Only color, but I saw other variations of the necklace for a slightly higher price on the New Items wall too.

It's beautifully executed, down to the ribbon tie at the back of the neck. silentsparrow creator hyasynth Tiramisu says this is the first piece of jewelry she's made -- an impressive debut -- and hopefully it's not her last.

In my rowhouse in Babbage Canals, trying to look appropriately Gloomy.